Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Coming at us from South America, specifically, Brazil is Arnion (Greek for ‘lamb of God’). Heavy duty production values with emphasis on massive amounts of “riffage.”
They bring their brand of metal to rest of the world. An assimilation of Bay Area Thrash/Old School Power Metal (Metal Church anyone?) and a healthy dose of punk attitude.

Hitting on all cylinders Arnion starts the disc off with a track aptly titled ‘Visions of Hell’ blasting away with multiple riff and time changes, this is only a prelude of what is to come. One of my favorite songs comes following in ‘Zombies’ a Megadeth influenced style tune that is as heavy as a cement truck. Once again multiple riff and time changes abound.

At times the material does get a bit technical, but for the most part Arnion plays it straight ahead. Several times a heavier old school power metal style emerges such as “Get Ready for War” or the “Whitened Graves”. The songs start in a mid tempo groove but end up moving out like an F-18 on take off from an aircraft carrier. 0-200 mph in 3 seconds.

The disc also includes their 2006 release ‘Refuge’(digitally remastered)which on several tracks a different vocal style, almost death metal like, emerges. In this case the title track ‘Refuge’ sticks out to me. Intense and heavy, I can see the pit moving and the windmills swirling.

Some of the material from ‘Refuge’ was re-recorded for the ‘Falls like Rain’ release. There are some differences that fans will take note of. Listening to both releases the immediate difference is the production. ‘Falls like Rain’ has a bit cleaner sound and heavier guitar tracks. “Human Holocaust” and “Whitened Graves” definitely benefit from the newer production.

There are obviously some Sepultura influences but again Arnion take those and make them their own. This is an album for those who love a Riff. The riff carries the songs and makes them pound and thrash away. Myself I could’ve handled a little more melody or hook in the songs but when stuff hits like this, maybe all that’s needed is a sledgehammer to pound away the rust…… All the pieces are there for a true breakout let’s hope that next release falls in place. Keep Rockin’ till the Final day…..

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