Thursday, September 17, 2009


Fans of old school style thrash/power metal raise your fists and yell with excitement as Roxx Productions has released a lost musical gem. From the blue collar land of coal and steel (i.e. Pennsylvania) comes Thresher. “Here I Am” is their previously unreleased 8 song self financed album. This was to be a follow up of the bands first 6 song demo ‘Totally Possessed’, but due to life issues this album was never released. That is until now!

A sound akin to early Megadeth, Metallica and at times Metal Church. Thresher hits like a freight train going past the point of no return. With upfront heavy duty guitar sounds and a solid backbone of brutal drum and bass. These guys play quite convincingly and passionately.

The opener ‘Sanctuary’ starts with a classical guitar prelude before the power chords start flying and the hair starts swayin’. John Mark Buchanan brings a vocal prowess that often reminds me of James Hetfield or sometimes Dave Mustaine. When the song hits it's apex you just want to push repeat. Parts of ‘Faith Awaken’ or ‘Amazin Grace’ are reminiscent of early Megadeth with different riffs and time change elements. While ‘Here I Am’ opens up with a very familiar sound akin to Metallica’s ‘Fade to Black’. None of these are rip offs but elements incorporated into Threshers own sound which only enhance the songs themselves and show homage to those who came before. The payoff part in ‘Here I Am’ is when John repeats ‘Here I am! Here I am oh God send Me!’ a great melody that is enhanced by the power of the music underneath it.

Wait until you hear ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ a solid piece of metallic brutality that continues this discs ascent into excellence. Bring the hammer down and listen to the technical breakdown in the middle, I can see the pit swirling and the sweat flying! That just brings us to the final songs ‘Death to Asherah’, and ‘One Way Out’. The surge of power continues through all of those tunes. “Asherah” in particular reminds me of something that could’ve been included on say ‘Kill em all’, lots of riff and time components ‘DEATH TO ASHERAH!’…..

I myself could’ve done without the tune ‘Raptor’…. An attempt at metal/rap or whatever you want to call it, however once you get past the initial ‘rap’ section the band launches full speed into some very tasty riffage and lead work.

The production is above average for an independent release back in 92. The instruments are evenly distributed through the mix and the quality is there. The only question I have is, am I the only one who happened to notice perhaps more high end above 4k in this release. I don’t know if that would be a mastering issue or perhaps just how the original tapes were recorded. Anyway by simply adjust the treble control slightly that negative element is eliminated.

I also understand the early copies that Roxx Productions released had the first demo as well. My copy didn’t come with that so I’m sure all you lucky ones who pre-ordered are chuckling in your sleep.

If you love thrash DON’T miss this release, you’ll be kicking your self if you do.

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