Thursday, October 22, 2009


Bombworks releases another disc of sonic jubilation. Bloodline Severed features heavy, fast, crushing music that some would call metalcore. Yet I think these guys are able to translate through several genres. A modern metal sound is here, but I think there are some things that older metal heads would find appealing as well.

There are some cool melodies here. You are treated to a mix of death metal vocals with clean vocalizing as well. Reminiscent of Demon Hunter or As I Lay Dying. There is also a heaviness ala Becoming the Archetype. ‘Visions Revealed’ has been completely remixed and re-mastered for its Bombworks release. Many underground fans may remember that this was originally released as a demo to garner label interest. You’ll find a new package completely reworked that is an intense metal feast.

The production is strong with a nice emphasis on the guitars (the way metal should be), yet it’s clean without a muddiness that can hamper some releases. Excellent guitar playing by Derek Corzine and Aaron Macemore, rhythms, solos and technical riffage (see Fear of Reality!). David Whichard (bass) and John Snyder (drums) keep the rhythm locked in a metal groove. I can see those windmills swirling from here.

Once passing through the first track, ‘Introduction’ which sets a nice metal mood, Bloodline Severed charges at full speed and takes no prisoners! From the powerful ‘Reborn’ through ‘Inception of Perspicacity’ onto ‘Internal Battles with Eternal Consequences’ to the closer ‘Once Empty’ Corey Weaver (vocals) and the rest of BloodLine Severed show they are to be taken seriously. Corey delivers some powerful lower register vocalizations that would make the floor shake.

Nice packaging for a digi-pack. The album art is well done, eerie and mysterious but the light is there. Lyrically, they mainly come from an introspective point of view yet they don’t use that as an excuse to not discuss their faith. Songs like ‘Mirror the Reflection’ or ‘Reborn’ make it very clear where these guys are coming from.

I knew I had a winner when my 16 year old son asked for a copy of this release. He was digging the whole thing. That is coming from one who likes his metal ala KillSwitch Engage, Pantera, Slipknot…. I always provide alternatives for my young’ens but when one asks for it that makes it truly special…

You guys got my vote.

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Anonymous said...

Bloodline Severed is awesome! I have seen and met them at the concert at my hometown of Greensboro, NC :) Also, they are working on 2nd album for 2011 release!