Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well according to all the hype this is the last recording from rock/metal stalwarts Bride. If that is indeed the case, they’re going out in fine fashion. There are many different elements at play on this disc and the result is amazing. I must admit as much as I enjoyed ‘This Is It’, I didn’t enjoy 07’s ‘Skin for Skin.’ I know there are many who did and to you that’s great. I’ve been a fan of ‘Matrix’ err ‘Bride’ from before their first release ‘Show No Mercy’. I’ve seen them change musical direction often and not always what this writer wanted to hear. To each their own.

Coming back to ‘Tsar Bomba’ as I listen I hear a blend of new and old elements. Even tho Dale and Troy wrote the music and words, the entire band gets the credit for the arranging. I believe that is what pushes this disc into overdrive. From the simply fabulous vocal melodies to the outstanding guitar playing of Steve Osbourne, from metal to rock n roll to acoustic music. This album is really a testimony to this bands willingness to stretch its boundaries. I can’t imagine any old fans passing on this and the newer fans should embrace this willingly.

Opening with the industrial metal feel of ‘Industrial Christ’, they bring the freight home and album closer ‘We Are the People’ is solid rock n roll. More songs like ‘...People’ and boy would this be an album of the year candidate. Other stand out cuts include the rather 70’s/Modern feeling ‘Love Shine’ great song. Once I heard ‘We are Together’ it struck me with a Zeppelin feel. Can anyone say ‘Dyer Maker’. This song has a scorching melody, with a great guitar playing. Perhaps even a Thin Lizzy feel.

The heavy metal drive of ‘Never’ and ‘Last Thing I Feel’, ‘Nothing Means Anything to Me’ is infectious. It might sound initially like groove oriented metal, but the vocal melody doesn’t strictly follow the rhythm of the music. That type of vocal to me is sort of a faux rap style. I don’t really enjoy that, it was very prevalent on Skin for Skin. That is not the case here, many memorable hooks that really catch you and don’t let go.

I’ve never really been a ballad person on a metal record, but the offering here entitled ‘Downward’ is very well done. Troy plays a solid piano and Dale offers a strong emotional performance.

The final three songs on this album kick total butt… ‘Look in My Head’, ‘When I Was a Kid’ and ‘We are The People’ bring the listener to their knees. Driving rock n roll with ENERGY PASSION and DRIVE…. Those are elements that are essential for great music. These songs coulda easily fit on ‘Kinetic Faith’, ‘Snakes in the Playground’ or ‘This is It.’ Play these songs loudly and you’ll find yourself air guitaring and moshing around the room in delight. The solid rhythm section of Jerry McBroom (drums) and G.D. Watts (bass) provide an unbreakable backbone to this musical assault.

It would be a crime to overlook the fabulous guitar playing of Steve Osbourne. Many times when he spins those solos it will harken the listener back to the early days of Bride. Specifically ‘Show No Mercy’ and ‘Live To Die’. I must also mention the simply fabulous acoustic guitar playing on ‘Prokofiev’ an ode to ‘Peter and the Wolf.’ My father had that early musical release and I loved it then and now. To me Steve out does himself on ‘Rhapsodie Fur Eine Gitarre.’ It’s the Queen song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on acoustic. Truly an unbelievable performance. Thank you Steve for the contributions you brought to this disc. Fabulous.

Lyrically there has been an issue many have struggled with on some of Bride’s previous releases, I cannot find anything objectionable for anyone. Terrific stuff here.

The production by Tim Bushong and the mastering by J. Powell at Steinhaus are amazing. The quality brought here is exceptional.

Dale and Troy if this is indeed the last bit of music you bring to us, it is exceptional. You can be satisfied that you left nothing on the table and gave it your all.

Everyone has hot wheels……

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this review. This album was very much a team effort, however, most Bride reviews tend to be a little one-sided in this regard. It's nice to hear someone complimenting the support players.

Steve Osbourne

Anonymous said...

I don't know that I can agree that any of this could fit on "Snakes" but certainly with "This is It" but. . . much better :D I think "Snakes" always has, and always will be my favorite release, "Scarecrow" and "Skin for Skin" follow closely behind. I have to give "Tsar Bomba" more of a spin to figure out where it stands. I do know that it's flat out amazing, and I absolutely love it. It's an album that makes me very sad that Bride is leaving music behind. I can say that "Last thing I feel" is by far my favorite track so far.

Eddie B. True said...

I have been a fan since Kinetic Faith; and, to me, Tsar Bomba has the youthful exuberance of Fistful Of Bees; however with straight forward hard rock 'n' roll/metal. Furthermore, the lyrics do not regale you with the cynicism of many Bride songs from the last several albums. For those folks looking for both excellent music coupled with overt Christian lyrics, this truly IS IT! I really REALLY hope I get the opportunity to see Bride perform these songs live! Eddie B True