Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Lament come to us from Mexico with their Bombworks Release ‘Through the Reflection.’ This is a special edition of their 1999 release ‘Through the Reflection’ and their 1995 demo entitled ‘El Valle de la Decision.’ The 1995 release the band was actually called Beheaded. ‘Through the Reflection’ was originally released on the Finnish label Little Rose Productions. It’s been out of print for years but sees the light of day once again.

Upon receiving the disc itself the tag on the front said ‘… for fans of Dark Tranquility, Manowar, and Mortification. Well after giving this several spins I’m at a loss as far as the Dark Tranquility and Manowar comparison. Perhaps more disappointed actually because the material I have by Dark Tranquility I really like. This disc really has a lot more in common with Mortifications ‘Triumph of Mercy’ period to these ears.

I really had a hard time following and remembering the melody lines or ‘hooks’ that should grab you. In some ways the music is almost under powering on this release. The way it was mixed downplays a lot of the power and energy that is here. It’s not very even, and the bass really dominates the soundscape, like Mortification. For me, I like to hear a dominate guitar that drives things along. In this case it’s as if the bass and the guitar have flipped roles. Everything has a quality sound, but the drums and guitar are more in the background, while the vocals and bass dominate things.

Lament brings a lot of elements that are unique. They’ve tried to incorporate some musical elements of their Hispanic heritage to bring a different vibe at times. It can become quite effective. Abel Gomez has a rather hardcore style vocally on this release, while he bashes away on the drums. Iram Gomez plays an effective bass guitar and Edmundo Mondragon has some nice guitar parts.

The added bonus of their four song demo while they were called Beheaded is quite a bit different. Heavy guitar parts, deep death metal grovels and fast songs. Sounds like it was recorded on a four track, but heck it was a demo made in 95! Real pounding stuff.

For me I can hear elements that could 'Throught the Reflection' an outstanding release. The musicianship is there and the lyrical element is very powerful. No doubting the heart of these guys. If you are a completist or already a fan of Lament I sure this will be a fine addition to your collection. I just had a hard time getting my head around it.

According to the bands official website they are working on new material. That sounds exciting let’s hope they have someone who can bring the best out of these guys.

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