Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Coming from the mighty Menchen Metal Machine in the city of sin, Las Vegas; comes The Seventh Power. I grew up near San Francisco which Vegas has NOTHING on as far as sin goes! HA! This disc is the groups second release entitled ‘Dominion and Power,’ on Retroactive Records. Bill Menchen brings Robert Sweet (drums) and bassist Rod Reasner and gives us another fantastic metal platter.

On this release Bill not only plays a tasty guitar but brings a unique vocal performance as well. With a tonality that reminds this listener of Ozzy, The Seventh Power shines brighter than the aforementioned vocalist. Even tho the vocals here lack strong dynamics it works. The vocal is processed a bit, but it’s almost monotone. Johnny Cash was montone and I own many of his discs, so I wouldn’t let that deter you from checking this out.

‘Dominion and Power’ has catchy melodies, and powerful music. From the title track to ‘King of Kings’, ‘Everlasting Fire’ and ‘Raise m High’ Menchen and crew take no prisoners. No song here is over four minutes and thirty seconds. So your not gonna get long epic tunes, but quick punchy and catchy songs for a generation with a short attention span. This is good heavy metal like early Saxon or early 80’s Priest. Bang yer head in wonder!

Robert Sweet (yes that one!) provides a solid backbone to this attack, like the wishbone that holds it all together. He hits the grooves and plays those pots and pans like only Robert can. He really adds to the feel of these songs and locks very well with bassist Rod Reasner. Both of those guys make sure Bill doesn’t go off into orbit with his guitar assault. As I’ve already mentioned Bill’s guitar playing is very good and tasty. Like I’ve not heard in a long time.

Lyrically this release is very straightforward in its Christian message WITHOUT cliché. I appreciate that because Bill does provide a creative way to speak about Jesus without insulting my intelligence (thanks bro!!). I don’t buy discs for the words, but when they’re done right I enjoy it that much more.

The production is strong. Pounding drum tones, crunchy clean guitar parts and some thumpin’ bass guitar. No mud here with a large sound to boot. Score!! I find myself singing along and playing that good ole air guitar, fun stuff.

Make sure you add this release to your buy list and Santa’s wish list…. Blessings !

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