Saturday, November 21, 2009


With a sound akin to TNT, Stryper, Soldier, (old) Guardian and (old) Dokken, fans of melodic metal should be rejoicing with this anthology of Eternal Ryte material. To label them as just a ‘hair band’ would be doing them a disservice. These guys were capable musicians and Bobby Smith was probably the most underrated guitarist in the entire Christian Metal scene.

All of their demo material appears here including their extremely hard to get 1986 demo. Tape traders were waving that one around in glee, I got my copy how ‘bout you??? Their 87 demo entitled ‘Anthem’ is here as well as live tracks from all three of their live video appearances. Those would include the ‘Metal Mardi Gras 1987,’ ‘Metal Midnight III,’ and ‘Metal Meltdown.’

However the real gem is how Bill at Roxx Records was able to provide us fans the only album Eternal Ryte released. That would be their 1990 debut ‘World Requiem’ released by Pure Metal Records. The production is crisp and tight. ‘World Requiem’ at times reminds this listener of ‘Tooth and Nail’ or ‘Back for The Attack’ by Dokken with its harder edged guitar sound and spectacular guitar playing by Bobby Smith.

My favorite Eternal Ryte songs ‘On the Line,’ ‘He’s a Killer,’ ‘No More Lies,’ and ‘Fight for the Light’ all appear in various forms here. All fans of melodic 80’s metal will want this anthology in their collection. I know for many they will see the image and assume ‘It’s gonna be weak and sound like Poison….’ Not even close my friends. That’s not to say a fan of ‘Poison’ wouldn’t like it, I’m sure they would. Good solid, stuff here.

There are some nice photos and very nice liner notes. I saw Eternal Ryte at both HIS Festivals and Metal Mardi Gras; they really did tear it up. There are some photos of the fliers for those gigs, and they bring back some really great memories.

Lyrically Phil St.Vincent provides solid Christ based lyrics. Remember those were the days of ‘a sermon in 4 minutes’ as it were. You knew where the band stood period.

This double disc collection of material rocks!! Thanks Bill for putting this out.


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