Thursday, November 12, 2009


Back in 1983/84 there was an unknown Christian Thrash band in Texas called Heaven’s Force. Heaven’s Force recorded two demos and apparently disappeared without a trace. That is until now. As someone who was very heavily involved in the Christian Metal underground from 1983/84 onward hearing about this has really intrigued me. How could they have flown under the radar?

Well they only performed a dozen or so shows and only made half a dozen copies of their demo. That’s pretty underground!! The sound quality is good, especially if you’re used to demos. I will tell you that this sounds better than some of the new stuff I hear recorded in 2009.

Clearly with influences like Venom, Exciter and early Metallica this CD by Heaven’s Force entitled ‘Aggressive Angel’ reeks of early 80’s thrash metal. It sounds like something I would’ve heard on Combat or Neat or early Metal Blade records back then. These are demos but they fit in with that old school thrash sound. I’m sure the mastering has cleaned them up a bit, but it still grinds and screams like 1983.

‘Slaughter the Beast,’ ‘In League With the Priest,’ ‘Heaven’s Force’ are all stand outs for me. Heaven’s Force delivers it fast and brutal (for 1983 that is). After listening to some Venom and Exciter you can really hear the closeness in style and sound. Frankly it’s too bad that these guys didn’t push this a bit more.

David Cryder (drums/vocals), Chris Ritchie (guitars) and Kelly Berger (bass) were Heaven’s Force. This Open Grave release is limited to only 500 copies and if you’re a collector or love old school thrash this is the release for you.

Before Vengeance Rising, even before Tempest (Ohio) there was Heaven’s Force. Even 25 years later show they could hold their own. I wish I’d heard it 25 years ago…


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