Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It’s always a marvelous feeling to hear a new band just know they seem to have it. Blasting out of Brazil is Disaffection with their 2010 debut album entitled ‘Begin the Revolution.’ With a strong mixture of old school thrash metal, modern sensibility and clean production values make this release a keeper for sure.

A musical style that is very akin to early thrash metal of the 1980’s. Whether it’s the fast riff-a-matic style of Slayer, Destruction, or the tempo changes of Exodus, Disaffection bring it to a boil. Charging full speed ahead with ‘Metal Kombat’ through ‘I Wanna See the Chaos’ these guys rip the doors off. Power saw guitar parts with banging double bass and slicing vocals you know Disaffection mean business.

Cleiton Magno (vocals) and the boys should continue to make a name for them with this powerful brand of thrash. Vindictive and brutal guitar riffs courtesy of Daniel Neves & Paul Moraes complement Cleitons vocal wailing. Cleiton has a vocal sound that reminds me at times of Tom Araya and Dave Prado. Helo provides the bottom end blasting bass which drives along with Francuar Silva as he pulverizes his drums.

This is a band that thrives on the RIFF! Fast or slow Disaffection have a massive array of riffs stockpiled. Charging and pulsating are the rhythms that they deliver in no uncertain terms. The wall of superior guitar sound that was achieved leaves one air guitaring off the furniture. (Hey I said GET DOWN!!)….. If your head ain’t banging or your legs moving as you hear this you must be dead. Just listen to ‘Which One’s the Truth’ or ‘Mortuary Man’ and tell me you didn’t get the urge to pit right there.

For me, many times I hear ‘This band is great.’ Or ‘They bring it.’ And then I hear it and I just go… “What am I missing? Because this ain’t that good.” Usually it’s the weak song writing or the production doesn’t bring the energy home. Those are clearly defects that are NOT present here. The songs actually have hooks of a sort and the production is tight and clean.

The only thing that left me a little flat was the lead playing. The solos at times felt a little thin, but with time I’m sure that will improve. Of course this is thrash metal and solos aren’t always the main thing, but I always dig good playing and some good chops could only improve the band.

Bombworks Records has presented us with a thrash metal feast and it would be a shame to ignore it. So grab your leather jacket and your studs Rivet Heads, a new Sheriff is here. Begin the Revolution!

8 Axes.

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