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Saint originally released ‘Crime Scene Earth’ in 2008 amidst many mixed reactions. Those reactions were primarily due to the fact that Josh Kramer only sang on three tracks and unknown to the metal community was that bassist Richard Lynch handled the bulk of the vocal work. Well after much outcry and hope Saint have issued ‘Crime Scene Earth 2.0.’

In computer terms 2.0 usually means new an improved with the bugs removed. (Hint, hint Microsoft…. But that’s a different issue…) In the case of this new and improved album I think Saint have given us all a huge upgrade! First off yes Josh Kramer is here wailing away in his entire God given glory. Hearing Josh blast out ‘Terror in The Sky,’ ‘Everlasting God’ or the title track ‘Crime Scene Earth’ is pure metal nirvana.

Richard Lynch has also been able to remix and in some places re-record portions of this soon to be classic album. The drums sound much better this time through as do much of the guitar parts. Frankly this a real upgrade across the board.

J Powell at Steinhaus said that when he mastered this release it felt more like a 70’s metal album to him so he mastered it that way. I can’t really argue with that statement as there are many elements that a 70s release would have. The songwriting has that feel more than anything I think. After hearing “Bended Knee” and “Lost” for instance I’m left thinking of Judas Priests ‘Hell Bent for Leather’ and ‘Sad Wings Period’ period.

Perhaps if there was one thing I wish they would’ve changed and didn’t are the high pitched harmonies on “Half a Times Measure” during the chorus. I wish they were more in the background as opposed to being right in the front of the mix almost overpowering Josh’s main melody line. I just found 'em to be too distracting and thought they should be mixed further back. A small item to me.

As another side note, Saint have actually released a 3rd version of 'Terror in the Sky.' Apparently the version on the first pressings is a scratch track that inadvertently made it onto the first pressings(according to Josh Kramer's webpage). The actual album version is available as a free download and here is the post directly from the Saint website.

"Well it sounds like everyone is enjoying Hell Blade and CSE has shipped out this last weekend. Here's a link to the updated Terror In The Sky


This is a newer version than the one on CSE 2.0 and is free. Merry Christmas everyone - Saint

I found this version to be even better than the one on the actual album. I don't know how long it will be available so I suggest getting it sooner rather than later.

After hearing the new album ‘Hell Blade’, which is a triumph in its own right, ‘Crime Scene Earth 2.0’ is like the second part of a one two punch. If you didn’t care for the original version this version should have you headbanging with joy. I disagree with those who think that Saint is living on a reputation from years gone by. There is still some metal on those bones.

Listen up Warriors of the Son, let it be said that Saint are still delivering the goods. This album is a rapid fire assault that leaves you screaming for vengeance that it’s too late for living because of the time’s end.

8 axes

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