Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have waited quite a while to finally get my mitts on this platter of heavy metal delight. This album by Fires of Babylon is full of brutal powerful heavy metal. With a picture of lighting striking a tower of Babylon with destructive force and might, it gives a hint to what awaits within this package.

For the uninitiated Fires of Babylon is an all star metal band of sorts. I mean first off we have Rob Rock on vocals (does any introduction need to occur????); on lead guitar is Lou St. Paul of Wintersbane. The rhythm sections consists of bass player extraordinaire Kelly Conlon (ex Death and Monstrosity) and drummer par excellence Robert Falzano (formerly of Annihilator). From the resume I’ve just given you can know that the musicianship on this release is second to none.

Kicking things into high gear these guys start off with the incredible track ‘Falling to Pieces.’ The drumming and bass playing are unbelievable as these guys lock in tight.
Rocks soaring vocal and St. Pauls shredding tone make this one of those songs that really ROCKS!! It’s simply stunning in its complexity and simplicity

Fires of Babylon continue to bring quality music in song after song. This is powerful 80’s HEAVY METAL. You just want to bang yer ever lovin’ head (just not when you’re driving!) and swing the wild air guitar around (anyone with a tennis racquet?). Lou St. Paul has come up with some unreal riffs that just seep lighting energy with heavy power chords. Listen to ‘Castles Are Burning’ there are so many guitar parts to this tune that I’m sure two or three songs could be made out of what Lou brought to the table.

The drums and bass on ‘Generation of Destruction’ play some of the most driving rhythm parts I’ve heard on a metal album in quite a while. Almost staccato like in feel, however Kelly and Robert then bring in a fluidity that is so mental metal it makes my head spin as I listen.

Rob Rock has never sounded better, and his vocal adds the melodic edge to a strong musical background. Lyrically Rob is probably the most biblical and upfront of any release he has participated in.

My favorite song has to be “Lazarus Rising” what a riff and especially in the chorus where the melody is TEARING IT UP! (Sounds like he drops a root note) Tempo changes along the chorus and the bridge back into the verse. This song will get you moving and fist pumping guaranteed (other wise you’re dead my friend….!) Lou totally cuts loose with some tasty guitar licks that add depth and intense feel to this song. Rocks vocal melody has me singing along after the first listen, not too mention the darn thing sticks in your head for HOURS!!

I can only hope that these guys will get together and do this again. If you haven’t bought this you must do so NOW! Otherwise this will be one that you’ll let get away and hear a portion in the future and think to yourself “How did I miss that???”

One of the most powerful heavy metal albums I’ve ever heard!

9 axes

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Nulla di eccezionale secondo me, suona come un album solista di Rob Rock senza ballate, nulla di nuovo anche se qualitativamente apprezzabile in via generale e, ovviamente, a livello di registrazione... mi rivenderò l'album...
Di: inquietudinedikobal