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This particular Ultimatum album was re-mastered and rereleased in 2007 but I just obtained a copy from someone who wanted to know what I thought about it. I’m grateful for that person sending it to me. ‘The Mechanics of Perilous Times’ is the follow up to the bands ‘Puppets of Destruction’ release. Now I have given that release some very high praise, in light of this album though ‘Puppets’ may have to take a step back.

What can say? Hmmm…. After spinning this disc some 6-7x's first thing right off I will say that this album is the HEAVIEST Ultimatum album I’ve heard. With a sound that is reminiscent in feel and attitude to Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘em All.’ ‘Perilous Times’ is full of anger, attitude, and power that are not seen very often if at all. Only a few landmark discs have ‘Kill ‘em All’ is one, the first Metal Church album is another. Perfect polish isn’t necessarily the endgame, but capturing a band on the verge of a breakout is.

It seems to me that these guys hit the studio in tip top form. The performances on ‘Temple of the Spirit,’ ‘Greed Regime, Inc,’ ‘Violence & Bloodshed’ blow the proverbial roof off. They are raw loud and true power/thrash masterpieces. Listening to ‘Temple’ it just demands and forces you to listen again and again. Ultimatum is reminding us that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Someone may ask ‘Why do you say that this disc is full of anger?’ Well let me explain ‘Greed Machine, Inc’ is all about those unscrupulous preachers who fleece the flock of God and turn our Lord into Santa Claus. Or how about on ‘Shroud of Science’ when the largest sacred cow of our time is exposed for what it is, then tar and feathered. Just those two examples lyrically are combined with a musical attack that really is top drawer all the way.

The production isn’t perfect but that completely adds to the charm of this album. The guitars are LOUD and CHUNKY, with a little reverb added in then set to simmer with pile driver drums, blasting bass and vocals that would scrape rust off the side of a ship.
What is not to like???? How ‘bout a worship song ‘The Purging’ is just that. Nasty riffs and dynamic arranging pull this whole composition into focus, then hit a bulls eye.

The more I listen the more I’m enthralled and sucked into this musical vortex that refuses to let me go. Sorta like falling into a black hole I think, y’know where even light cannot escape. However in this case the vortex isn’t there to bring destruction but life and direction to the one who can give it.

This album is a classic in the same vein as early Metallica, Exodus, Metal Church. Ultimatum have made a statement here that they’re ready to share the same stage as any major player in the metal world.

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