Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Daniel Band was one of the first Hard Rock bands with a Christian message. Their 1982 release On Rock was added to the pedigree of other bands of the same ilk; namely Resurrection Band, Jerusalem, Barnabas and Petra. The first single was probably their trademark song “I’m Sorry.” Commercial in appeal but progressive in attitude many thought initially they might be an alternative for fellow Canadians Rush.

There are several other songs that fall into that category such as ‘Never Again’ or perhaps ‘Undercover Christian.’ Yet for the most part Daniel Band played a driving blues based 70’s/80’s hard rock. Most of that is already known for those who’ve been around the block a few times within Christian music circles.

Well Retroactive Records in collaboration with Daniel Band and J.Powell at Steinhaus have re-mastered this classic release. Re-mastered is the operative word here because the re-mastering process has produced a sensational rendition of this album. I’ve owned my vinyl copy of On Rock since 1984 and it never sounded this warm. The added depth and warmth he has brought to On Rock is to be commended. He mentioned to me “My main goal was just to make it sound as much like I remember it originally sounding as possible. But of course with modern CD volumes.”

I commended him on a job well done and I would heartily recommend this re-issue to you. Better quality than the highly over compressed M8 re-issue of 2001. This album is now allowed to breathe and rock hard. Even with production values more akin to the late 70’s/earlier 80’s it still has that edge and for some of us who were alive back then a chance to hear history improved and updated a bit.

Dan McCabe’s vocals soar like a bird and his bass guitar never sounded this smooth or big. Toni Rossi’s guitar solos scream with clarity and intensity not heard on the original vinyl. Bill Finley’s keyboards are full sounding with depth, and atmosphere. Pete Cosman's drum performance is probably one the most enhanced elements here. You can really hear what he’s playing and the drums drive with better tonality and punch.

There are two new bonus tracks, much akin to rock n roll with a nod toward the worship side of things. Good songs that are a nice reminder that the boys from the Great White North can still rock n roll. Thanks guys.

On Rock is powerful rock n roll that glorifies Jesus without hesitation. This is the type of stuff that defines rock n roll evangelism with energy and urgency. Make no mistake, fans of Bachman Turner Overdrive, Foghat and April Wine should eat On Rock for breakfast.

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André said...

I really like this album. I got it a while ago on a contraband cassette then heard the CD. A while later, it was on my iPod.