Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Straight ahead thrash metal is what we’ve got here on Grave Forsakens third album entitled This Day Forth. Coming from the land down under Grave Forsaken continues on their path of bringing the message to the Aussie masses with their brand of metal. This being the first album by this group that I’ve heard, but initial impressions are good.

You can tell when a band really does put their heart and soul into something. The vibe and feel are just there and evident. In the case of Grave Forsaken the members believe this band is their ministry. That fact is more than evident from the lyrics that they have written for their songs. Straight ahead and non compromising, they mix evangelism with a lot of social commentary. That fact is very evident when you read the lyrics to ‘Wasting Power’ or ‘Affluenza’ are prime examples of social commentary.

Musically I’ve heard it mentioned that Mortification is a prime influence for these guys and that influence is there. However I would also say that their style is also similar to Onslaught, Laaz Rockit, and Deliverance. Not blinding speed but fast and chunky.

Most memorable songs would be the title track, ‘Wasting Power’ and ‘Mother of Harlots.’(This is full on thrash metal in high gear) I enjoyed many of the other songs as well, but without a strong vocal melody it sorta loses me. I liked ‘Celebrity Judge and The Sinners Part III’ perhaps one of the more original song titles I’ve heard. That song had perhaps the best lead playing on the album as well. I would guess those leads were provided by guest player Daniel Holman.

The riffs here are solid and straight forward, not ground breaking but heavy. On the production end things are fairly ‘raw’ but not raw in the lousy sense, raw in that the intensity isn’t lost in the recording process. The tones are still there and it does sound like a solid wall of guitars which drive it all along. Drums and bass guitar add their backbone to this tidal wave of sound as well.

The songs are good but at times they have a tendency to go a little long and when that happens they lose some of their directness. I would think a producer would be helpful in tightening up those bits of extravagance. Some aid in the soloing category would also be of great benefit as well. Not that everything has to be played at blazing speed, but perhaps more melody could be brought in. Those are things that an experienced producer can bring to a band.

I believe all the tools are here and no doubt that Grave Forsaken are capable of more on the musical end. There are some great ideas in these songs no doubt about that. That being said it appears to me that Grave Forsaken are quite possibly on the verge of a breakout with a super next album.

If you like your thrash chunky and driven this is an album you don’t want to pass on. All men play on 10 and these guys do.

7 axes

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