Tuesday, February 9, 2010


With a powerful energetic drum assault from Strypers Robert Sweet these reissues of Bill Menchen's Titanic are even more powerful than when they were first released. Both Maiden Voyage and Screaming in Silence were solid heavy metal albums before. Now with the drumming of Robert Sweet they are spectacular! This is mid paced heavy metal that leather jackets and denim jeans were made for.

Both ‘Screaming…’ and ‘Maiden…’ were originally released using a drum machine (if that is incorrect someone please correct me.) Needless to say the sound wasn't as big as it could've been. It showcased Menchens guitar prowess and Sam Tyler’s vocal styles. Screaming in Silence and Maiden Voyage highlighted powerful hook laden heavy metal songs. Now with this new dynamic of real drums by Sweet, he added the missing piece, power, feel, drive and downright rock n roll attitude.

When you listen to the improved ‘Fight Back,’ ‘I am Watching You,’ ‘Oceans of Blood,’ or ‘Gods of War’ from Maiden Voyage there is so much more feel that it enhances Bills guitar riffs. It is simply astounding. The added bass drums and fills just increase the power that was already there in the songs to begin with. The hair starts swirling and the neck joins in with glorious praise.

The songs from Screaming in Silence also receive a tremendous boost from real drumming. Robert’s dynamics on ‘Hypnotic’ enhance a very groove influenced metal song and just add that missing piece. ‘As I Am,’ ‘See through My Eyes’ are some just obvious examples of the intensity taken up to the next notch. Bill & Sam’s passion are obviously there but with a drummer of Robert’s caliber behind the kit he adds the spark to a smoldering metal flame that ignites in a blaze of glory.

The hooks are stronger and more infectious than before. The songs here just sound vastly improved. Heavier than say Priest's Point of Entry but perhaps not quite British Steel. Hook filled like Saxon's Denim and Leather but with the guts of Armored Saints Raising Fear. Not ground breaking but first rate. Any takers?

I would almost view those first two original releases as warm up demos for the real thing. The introduced you to the songs and band, but were'nt the finished product. So if you don't already own the original releases do yourself a favor this spring, and if you do you will definately want the upgrade.

These releases are the real thing and if you’re a fan of traditional metal ala Armored Saint, Judas Priest, Dio and Accept don’t hesitate and add these discs to your collection.

Bang yer head and yell!

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