Friday, March 12, 2010


Simply put Ulterium Records has done it AGAIN! The latest Audiovision release entitled Focus is a top tier melodic Hard Rock/Metal album. Focus is full of high energy rock n roll. A true compendium of rock anthems, epic chorus’s, melodic guitar solos and driving rhythms. Fans of Narnia, Stryper, Europe, and Dio should be obtaining this release in droves.

Being a late comer to the Narnia/Audiovision sweepstakes I really hadn’t heard vocalist Christian Liljegren previously, just bits here and there while reading much praise in the metal forums. (Those places can be such a treasure trove of metal knowledge!) After listening intently to Focus I can comprehend the initial surprise and disappointment when it was announced that Christian would be leaving Narnia. I’ll tell you though, as fans of melodic rock/metal we now have TWO great bands instead of one.

The amount of hard work is quite apparent as I listen to this album. The emphasis on the melodies and hooks is so apparent I couldn’t help but start to sing along and bust out my trusty air guitar. After such scorchers as ‘We Will Go,’ ‘Keep the Fire Burning,’ ‘We Are Not Alone,’ there can really be no mistake, 80’s sounding with up to date sensibilities that just kicks butt.

Torbjörn Weinesjö (Veni Domine) rips it up on the guitar front, from some tasty solos to a slicing guitar tone he adds a nice flair. Less you think he is the only known quanity besides Christian, I would be amiss to not mention Simeon Liljegren [Modest Attraction] – Bass, Olov Andersson [Grand Stand] – Keyboards, Thomas Weinesjö [Veni Domine, Saviour Machine] – Drums. Looks and sounds like an all-star band to me, yet this all-star band deliver the goods in no uncertain terms.

Not as heavy as Sinbreed or as gritty as Narnia, Audiovision really are the real deal. It must also be pointed out that this is simply not a project for Christian but now his full time band. They did tour Europe with Stryper on 2009’s Murder by Pride tour. It must be acknowledged that the track entitled 'The Way' is a cover of Strypers classic song given the Audiovision treatment. The advance promotion material didn't mention it so when it started, WOW!!! Very cool indeed, a little more atmospheric than the original but just as heavy and wait until you hear the ‘epic’ interlude, which adds a great touch.

Included here are a couple of acoustic style slower numbers that don’t fall into the ‘sappy’ category. At times both ‘The Gate’ and ‘Fruit of Love’ remind me of the Scorpions. Think of ‘Holiday,’ ‘When the Smoke is Going Down’ or ‘Still Loving You’ in terms of feel and arranging. A great change of pace.

The production is extremely well done, excellent tones and even mixing throughout. Erik Mårtensson [W.E.T., Eclipse] brought the same expertise to this project as he has to his previous work. Lyrically the groups’ faith is constantly upfront without being preachy.

Whip out those lighters and prepare yourself for a great album of melodic metal/hard rock that will carry you away. Perhaps Focus will help you do just that. A reminder of what truly matters and brings hope for all in tough times. Audiovision has arrived and now is the time to stand up and take notice.

7 axes

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