Friday, March 12, 2010


Coming from the darkness, that is a Norwegian winter, arrive gothic doom metallers In Grief. With sound that has been compared to Opeth, Amon Amarth and Soilwork the musicians who comprise In Grief know how to keep it heavy and dark. It might also be because they come from one of the northern most parts of Norway where winter nights could last for more than 18 hours. Deserted Soul is the title of this upstanding metal album.

Deserted Soul has a very dark but melodic atmosphere about it. Keyboard elements add such a doomy feel they enhance the guitar work well. The compositions start slowly only to build to a mighty apex that flows as a natural outcome of the song. Such as a river as it winds it’s way down from the snowy mountain slopes combining with other streams and creeks until it reaches its maximum strength when it arrives at the ocean or lake that it would flow into.

Over the years I’ve been learning to appreciate the guttural growling that extreme and death metal brings to the table. When done properly it can add so much power and dynamic to a song. The band Dagon is a prime example in my book. In Grief blend death style growls with ominous melodic vocals that meld into a haunting cacophony of doomy goodness…. (?).. The band themselves describe their sound as technical, progressive, melodic, death/black metal. That ‘bout covers it all doesn’t it.

This is an album that the more I listen, not just hear, but the more I listen to it my interest is piqued and I desire to hear it again. With seven songs clocking in at over 50 minutes this isn’t for the ‘casual’ listener. Lyrically the darker side of life is presented with questions we all face about doubt, inner strife, even frustration from the Lords point of view.

I honestly tell you that as I write this there is a winter storm outside, rain, gloom and darkness. Deserted Soul from In Grief seems to fit the bill extremely well. Fans of My Silent Wake and The Drowning might find this of interest. For me this is a nice discovery that has shown me that I dig this stuff.

Crunchy guitars, epic arrangements, melodic moody heavy songs that make me feel that I’m in some dilapidated castle of old. What’s not to like? Grab this one.

7 axes

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