Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Mehida come from Finland and these Finnish rockers really mean business. With a blend of melodic metal and hard rock Mehidas album The Eminent Storm should appeal to fans of Narnia, Audiovision perhaps even Stryper or Europe.

Their sound is definitely European in flair and feel. The band themselves have made this release a sort of heavy metal psalm. Lyrically issues of doubt, faith, the silence of God are broached much like they are in the Psalms with honestly and integrity. This life of faith we live isn’t easy or obvious.

My favorite song is not the most obvious in this case. I’m the guy who prefers it fast and heavy with power. ‘Dream Giver’ isn’t really any of those things; it does have the catchiest melody on the disc. It is definitely a much more mid tempo arrangement with a very commercial chorus. Lyrically however it’s the prayer of my heart, and undoubtedly the prayer of a lot of Christians. “Only your love can set me free to fly/Only your love can set me free to smile/Only your love can set me free to cry/Only your love can set me free to die with you” Amen brothers.

Nearly all of the songs have that same prayful lyric and melodic sensibility. “Draw Near To my Soul,” “A Block of Wood” and “Where Could I Flee” share the same devotional slant lyrically without sacrificing the intensity of the delivery. Good songs that will get you singing before the end or at least hitting the replay button upon ending.

The Eminent Storm has a lot to offer, but there are times when I would find myself indifferent to some of the songs. Perhaps the feel or vibe was too ‘samey’ at times. I’m pretty sure it’s not the compositions themselves but the production, which I think was a little flat. Maybe that would be something that could be changed in future releases. I just hope it doesn’t take Mehida another 3 years to record a new album. On the whole it was enjoyable but there were moments where my attention did start to wonder a bit...

Even though I found The Eminent Storm patchy in places this disc should find its feet amongst the faithful. If you’re looking for ministry/devotional style metal than you won’t want to pass on The Eminent Storm. Bullroser records has put out a good solid disc here, I just think it could’ve been even better.

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Anonymous said...

I thought the production on this album was horrendous especially after hearing the previous album. I have a very hard time listening to this because of the production