Saturday, April 24, 2010


Deuteronomium pushes the metal petal right down through the floor. They described their style of music as ‘death n roll’ and this album showcases it all. A double disc of ferocious intensity, heavy made to be played loud. We have Bullroser Records to thank for offering this slice of metal paradise to the metal public. A compilation of everything these guys have done prior to 2008’s latest album In the Midst of Battle.

If you already have their original releases you might not necessarily need to pick up this album. This is a complete collection of all things Deuteronomium, included is their debut album 1998s Street Corner Queen, their 1999 follow up Here to Stay also the 1997 Tribal Eagle EP. Elements of thrash metal, death metal, and 'death and roll' dot this collection so turn up the volume. The majority of songs are in the 2-3 minute range, which itself is very cool, short fast and to the point, maximum rock n roll.

If that wasn’t enough Deuteronomium re-recorded their song ‘Christ Addict’ for this special release. It’s different from the song 'Christ Addict' on Here to Stay. Both songs use the same lyrics, but musically this particular song is much more restrained, not death metal but strong power metal. There are some other re-recorded songs and b-sides made available here. In total 10 extra tracks are present and three of those were re-recorded from older versions.

Deuteronomium - Tribal Eagle (Live at Metbar Lenzburg) from MeSuAx on Vimeo.

This double disc album shines with strong songs with a lot of intensity and brutality. My favorite stuff is on Here to Stay. I almost think of Motorhead, now I realize ‘Head aren’t death metal at all, but the vibe still just hits me that way. I hadn’t heard these guys before, but when Bullroser sent this to me all I could do was play and replay the Here to Stay material. Just awesome, ‘death n roll’ indeed, it grooves and flies at top speed with a great instinct for hooks.

A big thumbs up for this re-release check ‘em out and enjoy some Finnish brutality.

8 axes

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