Thursday, April 29, 2010


Grinding their way out of South America are Brazilian grinders KRIG. With a blend of Death and Grindcore this quartet delivers a level of brutality that is rarely witnessed. Guttural growls, layers of crushing guitars and bombastic bass topped off with solid percussion, this is the proverbial 100 ton lead weight.

KRIG’s latest release is entitled Narcissistic Mechanism. This album is long on bombast and short on subtly. After opening with a rather progressive and melodic instrumental entitled ‘Folish Evildoers II,’ these merchants of metal push the pedal to 12 with ‘Dilacerated,’ ‘Mankind Dead Remains,’ ‘Not Being Hypocrite’ and several others. There are some elements of melody in ‘God is Alive’ and ‘End of Time’ but these compositions are more the exception than the rule.

The production values are quite good, as all the instruments are recorded well and mixed appropriately. Personally I could’ve used a little more bass guitar, but that is being nit picky. I must admit that this isn’t my favorite style of metal, but because of the production values I found this release to be extremely accessible. Please understand as I qualify this statement this is full on Grind/Death metal with elements of technical/Prog metal so don’t expect early Mortification. This release is more intense than that, perhaps more along the lines of I Built the Cross.

Mentioning the production values again, I can’t emphasize them enough, because of the quality I’m able to detect the direction and progressions that the music is going through. Since Daniel Corpse (vocalist) doesn’t screech/scream but uses the lower register to vocalize I just found that more pleasurable. Now someone will say ‘But Dagon uses that screaming style and you loved them!!’ well all I can say in my defense is that when you put out something the quality of Terraphobic it just pushes me to new limits.

I’ve also seen KRIG compared to Suffocation and Impending Doom. That might very well be the case but I will say this is one extreme disc that is done well. Fans of the genre will want pick this one up without delay. Narcissistic Mechanism is waiting for you.


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