Thursday, May 20, 2010


Thrash metal loud and heavy is what Grave Forsaken delivers on their latest album ‘Fight to the Death.’ Grave Forsaken continue to offer their style of Bay Area Thrash and on this release it seems to me that the recipe is even better than on their previous stab at musical whimsy.

Make no mistake that the guitar is what propels this machine and we can hear it right from the first. It seems to me that a more mature and driven fellowship has emerged within the Grave Forsaken camp. Before this release there was some good solid music being produced, yet on ‘Fight tot the Death’ it feels invigorated and re-energized.

The first single and video entitled ‘War is Hell’ is prime example; depth of performance has improved along with the production values. It seems readily apparent that the vocals of Vaughn Gregory are more biting and intense. His attitude is one of absolute urgency and the delivery shows. The vocal effect at the end of the ‘War is Hell’ is genius as far as I’m concerned. All of the vocal melodies are not just mimicking the rhythm of the guitars but have taken a life of their own, which in turn opens the way for memorable songs.

“Fight to the Death,” “Black Sunday,” also give evidence of an improved style of songwriting that elevates Grave Forsaken into the realm of contenders. “Destruction Comes” barrels like a bat outta hell with deadly force. A set opener one must wonder. A powerful chorus and this composition has nailed it.

Lyrically Grave Forsaken has not left their purpose, which is evangelism through music. Taking current events and incorporating a Christian perspective is difficult without coming across as judgmental. These guys are upfront but not a total downer, at least from my perspective.

For me the only actual low point is the song 'Call me a Dreamer.' It feels outta place, a ballad or perhaps the one song that doesn't blow the doors off the hinges. I found it to be a little disappointing amidst all of the other strong performances.

If you gave Vaughn Gregory and company a shot before and were left wanting, give ‘Fight to the Death’ an opportunity. With better musicianship and better songs this flight of fancy moves like a Saturn V rocket that has left the launch pad, you’d better get in or get enveloped in the blast. Make sure you save me a place down front…

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