Thursday, May 13, 2010


Say the name Rex Carroll and most fans of melodic pop/metal will remember him for his guitar virtuosity during the late 80’s early 90’s rockers with rockers White Cross. It will be remembered that Rex flashed like Rhodes, DeMaritini and Van Halen as he assailed his fret board with frantic intensity. Many fans will also remember White Cross for their Stephen Pearcy styled vocalizations courtesy of Scott Wenzel. Rex’s affiliations with King James and Steelheart not withstanding.

However the album that has captivated my attention these last many days is the Retroactive release of ‘The Rex Carroll Band.’ With a brilliant mastering job courtesy of J. Powell at Steinhaus, this self titled album takes the listening experience to the bayou’s and back. However with a decidedly Cajun flavor. If you like blues oriented southern fried rock n metal… This album is the one. Hooks galore and plenty of guitar wizardry to keep the air guitar busy and satisfied.

Rex and company provide a superb offering of bluesy guitar oriented rock n roll. This is an album that might be overlooked, especially amidst all of the super heavy stuff and alt rock that seems to be flavor of the moment, however this disc, it seems to me, has the attractiveness of a bright shiny new automobile. Turn the key and hit the gas, this album smokes. 8 bar, 12 bar, smoky back room flavor with lots of feel and vocals courtesy of Rex himself.

Stevie Ray Vaughn and Billy Gibbons would be proud of the guitar oriented material Carroll delivers here. “Working Man Blues,” “Delta Memories,” “Find a Way,” all up beat rockers and of course there has to be a slow bluesy number which ‘Rock my World’ brings. This album reminds us all why blues oriented hard rock is one of the most infectious styles of music around.

The production values are top notch with lots of punch and attack. Good tones across the board with a masterful sound that just deserves to be played loudly. This is not White Cross mark two, not at all, and that I will say is a good thing. The Rex Carroll Band is a decidedly different animal all together.

This is another great album which will see the light of day courtesy of Retroactive Records. Smooth, going down like a sunset along the Mississippi coastline. The Rex Carroll Band has provided a stellar performance which has been introduced to a new generation of fans. Can we all stand up and applaud? I’m standing on my seat.

9 axes

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