Friday, June 11, 2010


It’s amazing to me that throughout the world AOR or Album Oriented Rock continues to thrive and flourish within the musical community. Certainly it doesn’t command the same attention it has in the past but the fan base is still there. The continued presence of websites such as Melodic Rock.Com attests to that. Not to mention the success of tours by Journey and Foreigner in previous years.

So one must ask why can’t music executives in the United States put out this type of stuff instead of more over produced over sexed divas that can’t sing and can’t even write their own material.

The latest album by Giant entitled Promise Land is a testament to perseverance and professionalism. 13 well produced and well executed arena rock treasures provide musical enjoyment for anyone with an appreciation for good song writing. Without worrying about a corporate sponsor as such Giant hasn’t given a flavor of the moment but they continue to do what they do best.

Opening with two exceptionally radio friendly songs in ‘Believer’ and ‘Promised Land’ you realize that talented musicians and composers have put together songs of melody and hope. Continuing this focus throughout the album, they don’t break new ground per se but is that what I buy these albums for? No, I want something I can sing along to and feel good about. Promised Land delivers in a big way.

Dann Huff whose guitar heroics were featured on previous Giant albums doesn’t play here, in favor of John Roth(Winger), yet Huffs songwriting credits are throughout the album so his influence is very much present. His brother David continues to play drums and share producing credit with bass player Mike Brignarndello.

It’s just a shame that such a fine piece of work as this release probably won’t receive all the attention it deserves. For my tastes I usually enjoy the slightly more edgy material I find on albums of this sort, ditties such as ‘Prisoner of Love,’ ‘Two Worlds Collide’ and several others; ‘Complicated Man’ also comes to mind immediately with it’s boogie influenced riff and catchy chorus.

Terry Brock delivers an excellent vocal performance that compliments the musical attack with a smoky whisp of mystery. Continuity of performance is what really makes this disc tick and Terry shines.

Lyrically a Christian view point is presented, not preached or blatantly spoken but it still shines through in the worldview. Very thoughtful and can be internalized by everyone.

Frontier Records of Italy shows that not all hope is lost when it comes to labels putting out new music; it’s just a hope of mine that an American renaissance of this type will hit the music executives in North America. In the mean time don’t miss out on an exceptional release of arena rock excellence.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely true. I got this album and sort of left it off to the side when I found out that Dan Huff wasn't a big part of the album. Yet here I am listening and it is an exceptional Giant album. Songs of love, redemption are all over this album and the guitar work is exceptional. This is an album I am glad that I did get.