Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Roxx Records has delivered up another offering of metal mayhem, The Sacrificed. This trio from Florida has just unleashed their first album for Roxx, entitled 2012. Some have described their music in comparison to Sacred Warrior and Queensryche.

Not really hearing those comparisons myself, aside from vocalist Eli Prinsen, I hear them more akin to a strong mix of classic and modern metal, which at times has an alternative structure with brutal guitar. Heavy Metal ala Switchfoot??? Listen to such tracks as ‘Believe’ or ‘Saved’ and you tell me. It goes from the very heavy to slightly more commercial, without loosing its passionate metal footing.

2012 gets things into high gear with the blistering title track. High energy metal with crushing power and soaring vocals, you’ll be screaming along by the end or spinning your own windmills. The advance single ‘No Promise for Tomorrow’ explodes with loud power chords and bombastic rhythm section. Songs such as ‘The Path of Righteousness’ and ‘The Return’ follow in the metal footsteps of those who’ve tread the metal path in earlier years.

Eli Prinsen, Jay Williams and Johnny Bowder have developed, in some regards, a rather unique sound; dependent on tones an atmosphere, not just bombast. Melodies abound amidst the tapestry of musical tones, the landscape is varied and in depth. Lyrically many familiar concepts are covered but again with a slightly different perspective in how ideas are presented.

The production is solid, yet the guitar is a little to enamored with reverb. It took a little getting used to, as sometimes a ‘big sound’ can leave things cluttered or obscured, there is a lot going on and I like to hear it all. Guitar solos appear on various tracks but not on all, which I found to be effective.

If you were one of the lucky 100 to pre-order you were also treated to The Sacrificeds previous material, The Davinci Hoax as well as two demo releases, The Davinci Hoax in particular is another spectacular assortment of metallic bombast.

The Sacrificed have created a niche, by taking modern sensibility combining it with a classic metal assault that will leave one simply stunned. The variety of tempos and arrangements mixed with Eli’s fantastic vocal performance deliver on many levels.

Grab your leather or denim jacket, bring your own neck brace and prepare to be driven to a musical land of metal wonder. This album has earned its 8 axes which is to say 2012 is a very good album. Don’t miss this one especially if you love something a tad different, with plenty of classic moorings. Prepare to be stretched musically, but you’ll think you’re in familiar territory.

8 axes


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