Thursday, July 22, 2010


Technically savvy and meticulously infused metal lifts Deus Invictus to the top of the current crop of metal discs. Extremely intricate with some monumental musical passages, Staged in Waiting is the real deal. Bombworks Records have found a gem.

Strong elements of Jazz Fusion, Progressive, and Death Metal, coupled by subtle musical passages, a large supply of melody is allowed to manifest itself. Deus Invictus have created something unique to these ears. Perhaps others have attempted something similar yet this feels fresh and unencumbered, music from the soul that seems to know no bounds.

Drummer Jeff Carter formerly of The Chariot has assembled a band with an extremely divergent sound. Jeff has stated that some of influences extend to Prog rockers Yes and Scandinavian act Amorphis. It should be pointed out that those acts might be a starting point but Deus Invictus puts the petal to the floor in many instances and enlarges the pallet of Staged in Waiting offers.

From the complex arrangements of 'Alas, the Anvil' to the varied moments of 'Chords of Orion,' I’m still mystified. It’s a wonder of a clean and death metal vocals, passages of jazz, progressive sensibilities interspersed with a profound sense of melody. I’ve heard certain elements used by other artists and done well. What we have here is an unparalleled example of those elements woven together and executed with perfection. Believers Gabriel album explored many of these same musical ideas and themes, however as good an album as Gabriel was, something was still missing.

Staged in Waiting may not be for everyone but if you want to expand your musical diet this album will do that. With a highly versed acumen of influences and ability Staged in Waiting is fearless in its approach and tireless in its attack.

One of the best aspects of this release is the production which allows the music to breathe and grow. The tones are strong and punchy without bleeding into each other. Excellent guitar tones are matched with a bass and drum sound that act as the cement which hold it together.

With a precision, which is only matched by its maturity, Staged in Waiting is a metal album that demands a listen and proves its worth by the quality of the art within, lyrically and musically. Detractors stay away!

9 axes


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