Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hguols have given us another album of Symphonic Black Metal. As in their first release everything is performed on a midi sample keyboard. This fact in and of itself should provide for a unique listening experience.

Celestial Powers Have Intervened to True Supremacy is the appropriate title to the collection of bombast and elements of the Victorian. One thing that is apparent to me is that the way the samples are used involves more subtlety and depth which provide higher quality to one’s listening experience.

The song writing here is also a bit more mature as well. Sure there are elements that move like a freight train on fire, but interspersed are these elements of quiet and forlorn waiting, like waiting on a train station in Transylvania on a fog filled evening at midnight.

With varied tempos and subtlety Hguols is continuing to show maturity in songwriting and arranging. When tempos are constantly moving beyond light speed much can be missed and invariably things start to blend into one. That has not been the case here.

I’ve enjoyed the Victorian pipe organ sound that appears from time to time. Vincent Price would’ve been proud; the shroud it adds to the compositions where it was used provides that sense of doom and darkness. The pallet of sounds which appears here is haunting and has developed a sense of foreboding.

As with their first release the midi type sound takes a moment to adjust to, but with the higher quality sounds at their disposal Hguols delivers another tapestry of the macabre which might be the perfect soundtrack for those dark summer nights as you drive along the backwoods of your favorite cemetery. Celestial Powers Intervened True Supremacy is readily available from their website.

7 axes.

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