Thursday, July 22, 2010

KLANK - NUMB....Reborn

San Jose powerhouse Klank has offered up a new release of high quality
industrial/groove metal. Reminiscent of Rob Zombie, Dope and Marilyn Manson; Klank have really delivered the goods on NUMB….Reborn.

This being my first experience with the band I was immediately impressed with the quality of the songs. Comparing it right off with Dope or Zombie, the feel is there, the groove and heaviness as well. Cyberpunk with a large guitar assault that delivers on so many levels forces me to move the volume knob up on my car stereo in conjunction with the bass control.

Electrifying melodies on 'Penetrate,' 'The Rules,' 'Don’t Count me Out' and 'Bleed Me Dry' just hang around; only once you listen again can you sense the depth, the Full Monte as it were. Metal has such a way of adapting itself to many hybrid genres and this is one of the hybrids I latch onto the most. The crushingly heavy guitar moves things into overdrive where headbangers and pogoers can simply move to the mantra.

Lyrically Klank holds nothing back. Doubt, fear, joy, rejection and intimidation are all elements of the life followers of the Way experience. The emotional well is deep and honest, which is a sharp contrast to many albums from a Christian point of view where everything comes up roses.

The freshness and honesty displayed here is a kindling that can spark a flame or forest fire. Diving into the track entitled 'Blind'; all the cards are laid out on the table. Honesty drive and fury, their vast well of spiritual engagement is deep and courageous.

Down inside
My soul it bleeds
And cries out for the one's just like you
With no relief I wish that I could just touch you and make you complete
The only way to get back up on your own
Two feet
Forget who you were
Find out what you'll be

With a desire to engage their fellow brothers and sisters is something not amiss here. There is a genuine heart of compassion that doesn’t claim to have the reasons why, but perhaps showing fellow travelers that there is One who is able to carry us along. At the same time Klank is honest about the disappointments on the road less traveled.

Solid production and arrangements unleash a lion that has suffered, but has not quit. I would be amiss if I failed to mention the special guests who also contributed to this album, Jim Chaffin (The Crucified & Fasedown), Mike Phillips (Deliverance & Fasedown) and Larry Farkas (Vengeance Rising & Die Happy)

Fans of modern metal, this album has got to be on your list on purchases this summer. Don’t be afraid, obtain NUMB....Reborn and allow the work within to begin. This release is currently only available as a digital download, if sales warrant it the band has said they will then put it out on CD. One of the better releases this year, play it loudly.

8 axes

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