Tuesday, August 3, 2010


An album of intense emotion and takes the listener on a journey through some of the darkest human emotion, Coriolis, The Endless Funeral. Not being familiar with the band at first I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, however regardless of the unknown this release is one which should be heard by all.

If you too are not familiar with Coriolis, by way of musical introduction perhaps Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails are familiar places of reference. This is industrial/electronic hard rock, not quite as heavy as Klank but something for fans of that genre.

Jonathan P. Staments is the brain child behind this disc, by his own admission he has no life, yet it would seem that his life and experiences have been preserved in a musical episode that is catchy, unique and metallic. They referred to their style as synth-metal and that might not be too far off. The production values are of superior quality, which begs the question why can’t more bands put out material of this caliber?

The tracks are layered with industrial and synthesized brilliance, and contain enough metallic bite to smash you up one side and down the other. Songs such as Thank You and All For One shine with enough vibrancy and power to force an immediate replay. Moodier tracks such as Lie? or See You in Hell are gripping and force the listener to look within.

This symphony to the hard times of life is revealing and honest, with enough reminders that we don’t always know what God is up to. Yet we are reminded we can still trust and follow the Creator who knows us better than we know ourselves.

Young Side records has a gem here, I can only hope that the public at large will appreciate the level of integrity being presented here. This is art from the heart with a reminder that the heart is the target of the life we live, whether Christian or not.

(p.s…. a t-shirt in the offing???)

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