Saturday, September 11, 2010


Somehow Broken Flesh’s 2009 debut album on Sullen Records, Forever in Flames, escaped my notice last year. However courtesy of James at Untombed this situation has changed. I was even more intrigued after hearing the members of Grave Robber rave via Facebook about Broken Flesh’s live show.

So after spinning this release several times it is clear that Forever in Flames is as heavy as a ten ton lead weight. Uncompromising Death Metal which is long on bombast and short on subtlety. Straight ahead and brutal with a lyrical conviction that is impossible to miss, Broken Flesh make it clear about their convictions. The delivery matches their intensity.

From the opening strands of Yeshua to the closing assault of Walls of Lies this intense barrage of sonic wonder takes no prisoners. Of course after such descriptions some might wonder, is this just a wall of noise?? To the uninitiated it may seem that way at first, but if you’re willing to dig right below the surface I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised, I know I was.

There are melodies here amongst the carnage that have a way of manifesting themselves in subtle ways (subtle???) that leave the listener hooked for sure. Not every song speeds continually by at the speed of light, there is plenty of blast beats and double kick action, but the arrangements are evident and deliberate. Is this melodic death metal, NO WAY, but even death metal can have a melody of sorts.

The production has a dirty overture, but it doesn’t detract from the music in any way. As a matter of fact the separation of instruments and vocals is done quite well. Nothing is completely lost, however the drums seem to get a tad overshadowed from time to time but not a distraction. Kevin Tubby’s vocals cut through the carnage and with the inclosed lyric sheet one can truly understand the vocalizations.

One can feel the heaviness of Krig, but the direct assault of A Hill to Die Upon. Forever in Flames is a powerful and solid debut from Broken Flesh. Tremendous riffs amongst a wall of sound that isn’t easily matched. Here’s to the next Broken Flesh release which many fans (including this one) are already clamoring for.

7 axes

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