Friday, September 17, 2010


Darkwaters latest release Where Stories End is a triumph. A progressive cavalcade of melodies and musical exploration Where Stories End soars with conviction and passion. The majority of material is delivered with authority and command while not neglecting subtly or nuances that endure the material to the listener.

One of the things I noticed immediately was the warmth of the sound. A fabulous sonic array of tones which hold true throughout, in comparison to their previous release on a production level Where Stories End is vastly superior. The drum sound is fuller and the guitars feel more rich and emotive, while the keyboards add the appropriate textures that define each song.

From the rich opening notes of Breathe to the epic feel of Into the Cold. Where Stories End is a natural progression from Darkwater’s previous material. Some may view ‘progression’ as a note of ‘change’ in a negative view that is not the case here. One of the things apparent to me here is that 90% of the album is comprised of songs in the 6-9 minute length, with the opener under 5 minutes. Whether or not that has any bearing on anything is left to the individual.

An audio meandering across the pallet of compositions will definitely provide you with a stellar feast of musical delight. In the Blink of an Eye, provides a driving rhythm that ventures into other musical territory as it weaves in and out the vocal melodies provided by Henrik B├ąth. Henriks vocal performance is wonderful as he delivers a mesmerising performance. The changing of time and rhythm occur throughout the song with a tasteful guitar solo. Dovetailing on this thought one must simply listen to Without a Sound, tremendous.

For me the highlight is the second song entitled Why I Bleed. Not just because it’s the longest song on the album, but the haunting melody and various changes just provide the musical punch to knock me out. Fields of Sorrow does the same which a slightly heavier vibe. In a live setting I’m sure DarkWater would be a knock out.

The only real aspect I cannot comment on is the lyrical content as the musical advances given by the promotion companies don’t include lyrics. This is too bad, because I’m aware that DarkWater has something good to say, but being unable to comment on it is a hindrance.

If you’ve listened to any of the online samples for this release and were happy with them you won’t be disappointed with this release. Stellar musicianship, but stellar songs make Where Stories End a must buy.

Emil at Ulterium has another great album on his hands. DarkWater will hopefully make some more headway in the scene with this release. They should because the high quality product given here is one of astonishingly smooth elegance. Prog fans should unite and make this album a top seller for 2010. A big thumbs up from here.

9 axes

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MITCH said...

I just discovered Darkwater and I'm in prog metal HEAVEN! Yeah praise God! Other songwriters should study Darkwater lyrics to see that christian based rock/metal doesn't need your tired cliches with... "i saw the light and i feel alright and there's no more night and we'll win the fight...". How about you songwriters putting in a bit more originality, creativity and WORK into your songs... 'a workman that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth...'