Sunday, September 5, 2010


The debut release by Line of Fire is not to be missed. After a five year hiatus this catalog of melodic rock anthems is now available once again and not a moment too soon. Compositions of encouragement and driving rock n roll shouldn’t be neglected. With a unique timeliness, many of the songs here are simply astounding.

The mass appeal of these melodies is evident from the first listen. Catchy and mesmerizing you’ll find yourself humming along and not even realizing it. This re-release dovetails the release of their new album entitled Momentum.

However as it seems that Momentum took page from the Foreigner catalog, this debut album took a page from the Boston archives. In both cases neither one is a rip off but clearly an homage that says, ‘these bands influenced us but we’re own band.’

A tremendous amount of passion went into the making of this album that much is clear. The crafting of each passage almost feels as if they were composing more than a rock album, but something for a time capsule of their lives. The members of Line of Fire have had a rather trying past five years. Personal tragedy marked each member with its indelible mark.

It is with great empathy that I hope they were able to listen to their own creation, because listening to these songs definitely grant assurance to the listener. Faith in Fire, Salvations Edge are prime examples of ‘hold on till the end’ type songs. As someone who has walked in the valley they've brought me encouragement.

This deluxe edition has two extra tracks which represent different versions of both, Remind Me and Can’t You See. Nice touches on both and essential for the Line of Fire fan.

The bottom line here is that this disc rocks and you’ll have a hard time getting out of your CD player, or changing the folder on your MP3 player. Just hearing Shawn Pelata crank out these sensational vocals will give you chills. Fans of melodic hard rock will want to get this release and get it quickly.

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