Sunday, September 5, 2010


Line of Fire’s latest release entitled Momentum, is nothing short of sheer melodic rock genius. Glorious vocal harmonies and hooks that slice to the bone while embedding themselves deep in your psyche. Top drawer production seals the deal; a strong demanding urge to play it at full volume to share with others is the last item on the agenda.

Shawn Pelata clearly shows that he has one of the finest voices currently in the melodic rock arena. Vocally Shawn’s strength, grit and depth provide the power to cut across the finely tuned instrumentation underneath. The vocal harmonizations are top drawer excursions into musical bliss, reminiscent of Boston, these exploits are just not heard with the same quality in today’s musical environment. Some may quip ‘What about Stryper?’ perhaps, but their harmonies are clean and shiny. The vocal lines here have more balls, determination and strength.

Musically the band itself provides the appropriate counter balance to Shawn’s vocal grit and angst. The songs themselves are musical passages, which simply cannot be ignored. Wonderful arranging and instrumental interplay through out this album deliver these infectious bits of whimsy to the listener with ease. Hitting replay on your player will be easier than anything else you’ve done this summer.

Nikki Damage and Ed Darst show what it means to play tastefully with each other. Both men provide some exceptionally high brow guitar playing; they don’t over do it but seem to know instinctively where to place their parts in the songs.

The lyrics throughout this album continually provide a positive and message to keep fighting through life. Even when the chips are down, and in some cases gone, these messages of encouragement and words of empathy are delivered to the listener with a strong sense of camaraderie. These guys have all been in some of the hardest times imaginable and they tell us all ‘We passed through the fire and so can you.’

This is a hard rock record which is destined for long, hot drives and mountain driving. It’s not an album you can only listen to once, that would be a crime. If you love melodic rock n roll such as Boston, Journey or Firehouse this album is a must. Line of Fire breathed life into an art form (melodic hard rock) that was in need of some life. Do yourself a favor and grab this disc sooner rather than later. You’ll be glad you did.

8 axes


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