Friday, October 8, 2010


Black Metal is truly an acquired taste, that’s not a negative but just to say that not everyone who hears it is enamored with it. Usually floating at the extreme end of the musical spectrum Black Metal indulges itself in extreme subject matter often involving the less savory aspects of human nature and spirituality.

However as we examine this release by Elgibbor entitled Soterion Apollumi Hamartia, we find this brutal style of metal used for the elevation of the One True and Living God. Themes of God’s power, strength and pre-ordained victory over Lucifer are throughout this nine song affair. Hardly your standard Black Metal fair, but the power and intensity of the performance match the lyrical subject matter.

This one man project put together by Fire is the full monte. Solid production and vocalizations, not for the squeamish, drive the intense musical assault. The atmospherics provided on Soterion Apollumi Hamartia are executed extremely well, as with many black metal records the vocals are layered in a wall of reverb, but that doesn’t take away from the performance.

Fans of this genre should be grabbing this disc in droves. Melodies appear on the instrumental side from time to time, but one should not expect them on the vocal side. The part of this that did impress me was that this sounded like a well thought thru production; time was spent in achieving the finished result which should bode well amongst its contemporaries.

7 axes.

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