Thursday, October 28, 2010


The latest album by My Silent Wake is the sonic equivalent of a pile driver slamming support beams into solid granite, slow powerful and consistent. Their recent effort is entitled Et Lux Perpetua, this group of doomsters from England is heavier than ever. Featuring vocals and guitars by Ian Arkley make no mistake that this record is one of the heaviest things this reviewer has heard this year.

With offerings here a bit shorter than some of MSW’s previous compositions, but don’t mistake for ‘compromise’ (you’re kidding right?). With more direct and tighter songs Et Lux Perpetua is directed right at those of us with a slightly shorter attention span, every song here clocks in between 5-7 minutes with one shorter than five and one slightly longer than seven.

The melodies continue to brood and explore the darker musical passages of music theory. Haunting chants appear throughout, but its Arkley’s vocal, which would tear plaster off the walls, that just is able to cut through the metal assault. Doom with some slight Prog type innovations, and I do me slight. My Silent Wake doesn’t attempt to redesign the wheel, but in their own way they make it their own.

Bleak Endless Winter appears here and again just like a blizzard brings carnage and leaves you smashed in its wake. Power rhythms and numbing riffage make this song a death blow if you’re not prepared. However the title track and opener delivers sonic punch that won’t be forgotten either.

Songs such as Graven Years, Death Becomes Us and Between Wake and Sleep will also the listener some solid headbanging entertainment. There are a few musical course changes here and there to offer a small and brief respite for you to catch your breath. You might want to do that quickly though, because the overkill of metal power will catch you off guard.

With solid production values, Et Lux Perpetua, offers atmosphere and strong metal sensibilities. The elements all seem to receive good separation and enhancement as needed. My Silent Wake has offered a solid platter of 8 doom inspired Opeth like songs that will fulfill even the most hardened metal head with glee.

7 axes

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very nice review, Kevin!