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Temporary Insanity a salute to Deliverance is the latest release from Roxx Records. This particular album is, as the title suggests, a tribute release to the legendary metal act Deliverance. Produced in association with the Christian Metal Realm, Bill Bafford and Arttie Parker have brought together an assemblage of talent this is not often seen.

This particular release features such artists as Oil, Coriolis, Grave Robber, Grave Forsaken, The Sacrificed, Faith Factor, Stricken, Krig, Leper, Fasedown, Applehead, Ultimatum, Glenn Rogers, Roy Z, Josh Kramer and many more. All of the bands represented are participants in the online forum, The Christian Metal Realm. Each group was allowed to choose a song that meant something to them. Temporary Insanity has 27 such songs of inspiration.

The tracks come from throughout Jimmy Brown’s catalog of Deliverance material. No Time, Weapons of Our Warfare, Awake, Belltown, The Call, Words to the, River Disturbance, Learn is just some of the songs that are covered here. Stirring renditions all, powerful guitar driven, drum pounding versions that’ll please just about any metal head.

Jimmy Brown and Company has even given us three new recordings. Two of the new recordings are of older songs Flesh and Blood and In U; both songs have a new sheen and are worth their weight. The third recording is of an unreleased song entitled Hunger and Thirst. Hunger is a straight ahead metal tune along the lines of what was on their last studio album As Above So Below.

Some of the immediate stand out performances include, Krigs full death version of Weapons of Our Warfare, Grave Robbers swing version of Awake, Coriolis gave a stunning industrial version of What a Joke. Grave Forsaken showed why they’re a force to be reckoned with playing Bought by Blood. Strickens version of No Time and the combination of Fasedown and Ultimatum gave us screaming rendition of What a Joke. Not every performance is note worthy, but for one or two suspect tracks that leaves what??? 27-28 tracks which just shine like the sun.

The production at times is a little uneven due to the fact the tracks were recorded in various studios across the globe. Yet that doesn’t really deter the enjoyment of this disc at all, in a strange way it adds to community vibe. A nicely produced booklet is included with liner notes not just from Jimmy Brown, but members past and present as well as reminiscences by fellow musicians. An extremely classy insert that again just adds to quality of the project.

Jimmy Brown I’m sure had no idea 25 years ago that the art he would create would develop into a legacy that few artists can claim to have. Those who have been inspired by it are still coming out of the woodwork and those who’ve enjoyed his work through the years are proud to say that they’re old timers.

The first time I saw Deliverance was at the first H.I.S. Festival in Riverside California, June 1987. Glenn Rogers had just left the fold and Larry Farkas filled in that day on the lead guitar. It was 105 degrees outside this old movie theater where the show took place. I was there as part of the Soldier road crew, but also as a writer for White Throne. Hearing No Time was a treat then as it is now.

This collection is a fine tribute, even with the odd duplication of tracks. Artists both old and new who participated should hold their heads and chops high. Deliverance has earned its place in music history, or Divine Providence has placed them in a place of influence that shows no sign of waning anytime soon. Blessings to ya Jimmy.

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