Friday, November 5, 2010


Bloodgood’s 2nd album entitled Detonation is one of the most important albums in the history of Christian Metal. This disc has stood the test of time and now with a fine remastering job done by J Powell at Steinhaus this album is available in a more ‘refined’ form as it were. A big thank you must go out as well to Intense Millennium for making this reissue a reality.

Some may ask, ‘Remastering? What is that?’ Mastering is the final process before production, where flaws in audio, for example, certain frequencies being too loud (or under as the case may be) can be corrected. Sound volume of the finished product can be enhanced or again diminished. There are other elements as well but it goes without saying that the technology has improved exponentially since this discs release. In the case of Detonation and many other releases on the Intense Millennium roster, a ‘re’mastering is a must.

A lot of time has passed since Detonations first release in 1987, however if you speak with anyone who was around at the time just mention Bloodgood and this release always gathers the most nods up and down. Every artist has their own Vulgar Display of Power, Black Album, Powerslave or Human Clay and for Michael Bloodgood and company this was it. Their definitive moment artistically, that all other works would be judged by, not always fair but the fans know what they like.

Trying to describe the Bloodgood sound has always been a tough question as they hide their influences very well. On this release you’ll find straight out heavy metal with little if any commercial trappings, resting right next to Hammerfall, Saxon, Armored Saint, and Dio on the scale of ‘heaviness’. To make it clear this isn’t a Stryper album with commercial trappings.

Opening with the speedy Battle of the Flesh, David Zaffiro reminds us what a guitar virtuoso he is (the solos for Eat the Flesh deliver as well). The opening trifecta of Battle of the Flesh, Vagrant People and Self Destruction are as superb a trio you’ll find anywhere in metal music. Fast powerful and precise, Les Carlsen belts out words of hope and conviction which is rarely heard these days in Christian Music.

It’s the near ending chapters of this classic work that is heard again and again. The duo of the extremely heavy and driving Crucify that couples with the slow and triumphant Messiah; this is the albums centerpiece. Nearly a movie set to song, the passion and emotion is intense. If you’ve ever seen Bloodgood perform this piece live you’d never forget it.

Lyrically the gospel message is very explicit and yet presented in a way that is very personal. How often do you hear songs about communion? (Eat the Flesh) or temptation (Battle of the Flesh) or even the Holy Spirit (Holy Fire) that makes you just want to move and scream in unison. All the lyrics are presented within the packaging, as well liner notes by Pastor Bob Beeman.

There are also two bonus tracks, a different mix of Awake and an extended version of Black Snake. Awake has several additional atmospheric components while the extended version of Black Snake has a much longer guitar solo. Nice additions to any collectors library.

A solid and extremely metal record with a complete foundation of Biblical principles that you don’t need a cipher to understand, with performances that are legend amongst many in the metal underground. Make no mistake this album is the real deal and so are Bloodgood.

10 axes


Joyce said...

Great review. Just a note: Les's last name was spelled wrong. It's CarlsEn with an 'E', not an 'O'.
Keep Rockin"

rufas2000 said...

Hey, great review. One correction: the bonus tracks on this release are live versions of "Crucify" & "The Messiah" from 1987. The main reason I mention it is these bonus tracks stand way above the bonus track norm.

The bonus tracks you mention are from the reissue of their self titled debut. Considering all the Frontline / Intense goodness that was dropped this week an easy mistake to make.

Again, great job.

Thisishollywood said...

Definitely,it is. It can make for some great additions to your Hollywood party themed evening.

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