Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In the fleeting moments of 2010 I received an album from Oklahoma’s Crossfire. Entitled A World in Flames, Crossfire delivers a high energy rock n roll circus. At times influences such as AC/DC, mid era Bride and Main Line Riders come shining through like a freight train.

With this straight ahead sound Crosswire have put together a nice 10 song package. What they are short on originality they make up for in intensity. Starting things off with the raucous Rich Man the way is paved for the rest of this album. Can’t Stop Us Now, Done With You, World in Flame are designed to blow you down and rip the roof off.

A slightly more bluesy influence becomes evident on tracks such as Desert Eagle Blues and Miles to Go. The music is fun and straight ahead, not overly complex but hints at potential for even higher quality in the future.

It must be pointed out however that sometimes vocalist Seth Copeland strives for octaves slightly beyond his range. His style is still developing, despite an obvious Dale Thompson influence.

There is some good stuff here. The production is a little rough, but it’s not a distraction in the least. Many times an independent release suffers from a lack of adequate production; fortunately that’s not the case here. The brothers Copeland did an satisfactory job.

I would probably given this release a 6 axe rating (average) because it is a little predictable, but the energy quotient and potential is off the chart with this release. 7 axes (good) are awarded to a band with quite a bit of future ahead of them if they continue to do the hard work of growth. Thumbs up!

7 axes


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