Saturday, January 29, 2011

RANSOM - RANSOM remastered

Southern California hard rock act Ransom released two acclaimed albums in the early 1990’s. With a sound not unlike Heart, Stryper or Lita Ford; Ransom delivered a solid ball of rock that could compete with the best of them.

Intense Millennium have remastered and re-issued their debut album with several bonus tracks. Songs such as Lasting Love, Rumors, Etched in Stone, and Break into Darkness sound better than ever. With some really strong performances from Tony Ortiz on lead guitar, Michael Ciado bass guitar and Randy Kantor on drums the foundation was laid for Lisa Faxon’s smoky vocal to soar over the top.

Ransom had a strong knack for writing catchy melodies that really stuck with you. Whether it was the above named songs or tracks like Fallen Angel, Fool that I am and Your Broken Heart the hooks dug in deep. It really is one of those albums that get better the more you listen to it.

The remastering brings great dynamics and depth that simply wasn’t there before. The Frontline studios (aka Mixing Lab A & B) often got good sounds, but many times the dynamics were overlooked and the finished product ended up sounding flat. Steinhaus studios again provided stellar work to make a rough gem sound pristine.

If you were a fan of Crystavox back in the day or Shout, but you overlooked Ransom now is the time to take a second look. You even get three bonus tracks, all from the bands three song demo. Sin Killer, Sticks n Stones, and To Be like You. There is also a hidden track (which isn’t so hidden now is it!) I’ll let you discover it for yourself. Why the track from Cal Metal Two isn’t here, a cleaner version of Sin Killer is unclear.

Some extra liner notes would’ve been nice as to see how the members of the band are doing now, but that is just a small negative on an overall great package. Fans of melodic hard rock/metal should grab this album and play it loudly. It’s definitely worth the money you spend.

8 axes.

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IMR said...

The reason why there is no updates on the band included is because nobody has been able to find the band members. We looked high and low and came up empty handed.