Thursday, February 24, 2011


Templar’s 2009 release Dark Circus is a full on heavy metal assault that goes for the throat and doesn’t let go. With a musical sound more akin to Mushroomhead, Slip Knot or Mudvayne, this group of Aussies plays convincing and powerful compositions designed to make you think!

Touching on subject matter such as media control, military malfeasance, institutionalization, self mutilation, and international bank cartels. Yet the there is always the underlining feeling of something better to come. Templar opens these subjects with thoughtfulness but with the belief that nothing is as it seems.

The powerful driving guitar attack provided by Dan Yohann drives the overall musical cacophony. Yohann provides some rather tasty guitar passages that stitch it all together. Yet it’s the assuming bass player Rafael (aka Ralph Dix) who is the musical backbone of many of the compositions. Locking in with drummer Symon, provides a solid bottom end that pushes Yohanns guitars to the forefront.

Vocalist Toad delivers nonstop barks, growls and moments of total vocal meltdown. Putting all together in a strong package that automatically will get to hit replay more than once…. Or allow you to just let it replay on your IPod….

Crushing anthems abound within Dark Circus, Institution, Black Scar, Greenback Nation and New Years Revolution. The musical onslaught is strong and memorable with fabulous melodies that will stick with you.

With a high production value without cutting away the rawness factor, the overall sound is very enjoyable. The sound allows the instruments to breathe but is still tight enough to drive the point home. YoungSide Records has given us a fantastic album of modern metal.

This is a 2009 release, so I can only hope that Templar is working on another release. If you’re a fan of modern metal and don’t already own this release, don’t wait another minute. Dark Circus is a definite addition for those fans of the acts mentioned above. Dark and foreboding Templar’s dark wave is a sound that should delight many.

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