Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ok this isn’t the normal bill of fare here at White Throne, but every once in a while I come across something that falls outside the norm that really grabs me. Coriolis and Leper were two previous excursions into the unknown, Conspiracy of Thought is another.

Short punchy songs with good hooks dot the landscape of their 2009 release Nothing More than Light. Yes this disc is from 2009, but having just landed in my hands the urge to share the wealth was great. With a sound more akin to Linkin Park or POD than Slipknot, Conspiracy of Thought have crafted a fine album.

Plenty of powerful guitar with strong melodic arrangements that are more memorable than worthy. However elements of funk and hip hop swim to the surface as well, yet the indelible mark of rock n roll remains intact.

With lyrics that demand social action and thought provoking questions, the spiritual element is quite evident through out. Nothing More than Light isn’t a one trick pony lyrically. A lyric sheet wasn’t provided with my copy, but the vocals of Ben Stewart are a huge standout. His vocal tone is superior, and his annunciation is of high note.

Conspiracy of Thought are a fine band and Nothing More Than Light is a solid album. Hopefully they’ll get to perform a Northern California show and I can give a live review, but at this point I would really encourage you to check out Nothing More Than Light. A good album that shows promise of something even better in the offing. Recommended.

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