Saturday, March 12, 2011


Delivering a solid one two punch of high energy rock n roll and strong memorable melodies Fivestar Prophet offer up an album of hope. With a strong lyrical message wrapped in a driving metal package Fivestar Prophet's album, Enemy is the real deal.

Along the lines of Avenged Sevenfold, Skillet or Disturbed; FP have produced a release of world class proportions. The hooks run deep and definitely are strong. Enemy discusses issues of living in this world, while trying to maintain a vital faith, at times succeeding at times failing. The world view isn’t a vain attempt at trying to gloss life up.

There are praise songs but not of the generic kind. These songs, As Long as I Live comes to mind, are honest attempts at living a life that honors God in this messed up place we live in. On the bands website they play down themselves as ‘heroes’ of any kind and desire to point the message to the King of Kings.

The production values are strong with some top notch tones. Enemy has a tight and strong sound which is punchy and deliberate. The guitars are up front and demand your attention.

If you want some strong hard rock n roll, with lyrical content above the norm, Fivestar Prophet's Enemy should be in your purchasing sights. Youngside Records are the North America label and have found another gem from across the Atlantic. Enemy is hard edged stuff that should appeal to a large swath of the music community.

7 axes.