Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Well those robbers of your bad dreams from Indiana have unleashed another collection of spine chilling whimsy. Grave Robber delivers again and shows that they mean business. Their punky metal ala The Misfits, is a sure fire combination to cross many musical genres.

Exhumed is the title of their latest. Currently a download only, there is a very limited CD pressing that you might still be able to get in on. Several re-recorded songs appear here, Altered States, Army of The Dead as well as some demo versions of I, Zombie and Screams of the Voiceless. There are some slight arrangement changes and Army of the Dead has a bit more of a swinging vibe to it.

Some new songs are here as well, Fill This Place with Blood, They Hate You are two examples. However they’re not the only newbie’s to appear, Lion of Judah is a full on punk crossover barn burner that shows Grave Robber is able to put a strong melody in just about anything. Crank this one and play it loudly, I see a ghoulish pit starting already!

11 songs in total provide a pure sonic adrenaline rush that will definitely have you cheering and screaming in delight before the end. Their version of ‘The Grinch’ appears as well and is so much fun that I often forget these were the guys who threatened me with Shovel.

Now Wretched all I said was it looked like his handle was broken, I didn’t mean to insult your customization of Shovels lower appendage but it was an honest mistake.

The production on a few of tracks is a little uneven, but those tracks are labeled DEMO, so there shouldn’t be any complaining. Just a little FYI if you know what I mean. About half the release are demo versions and about half are the full monty.

Exhumed is a nice way to tide the faithful over until their next full length album release. It’s my hope that it comes sooner rather than later. Of final note is that you MUST see them live. I had a chance last year and wasn’t disappointed in the least. Quite honestly my appreciation of them went sky high. Grave Robber are a fantastic band, an original concept that digs deep, in the well of spiritual allegory.

8 axe….



Robert said...

Love these guys! I was wondering whether some of the songs were redos. As I have them on the first two.

Mr.Electric40 said...

Yeah Robert here's the info straight from the Corpse's mouth!

"Features re-recordings of two Grave Robber classics, brand new tunes, and the original Grave Robber demo from 2005!!"