Saturday, April 2, 2011


For those not in the know, Deuteronomium hail from Finland and they originally billed themselves ‘death and roll.’ These guys were musically sort of a death metal Motorhead in my book, groovy rock lines with an intense vocal barrage that scrapes paint at twenty meters.

This 2009 release From the Midst of Battle, however, is a straight ahead assault of intense death metal. The elements of melody that make it catchy are still in place, but a bit more subdued. Songs such as 3:16 or Defending the Faith drive hard but are still catchy enough to warrant a 2nd and 3rd listen.

All of the songs flow right up to the 17 minute epic, Tales From the Midst of Battle. A lengthy story of conquest, war and betrayal; wrapped inside a collection of riffs and melodies that assault the mind and senses.

Production is strong with a deliberate guitar sound that just rips. All the elements are allowed space to fill, without crushing each other and squashing the overall feel of the music. You won’t find anything ‘new’ here but the quality of what is presented is world class. This isn’t an album of regurgitated Slayer or Obituary riffs, but of quality music composed and arranged with experience and professionalism.

From the Midst of Battle is an exceptional piece of heavy metal music. Make no mistake, if you’re a fan of death metal you won’t miss with this one. Youngside Records has brought a gem to the North American shores, don't miss it!

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