Saturday, April 30, 2011


Divinefire’s latest album is entitled Eye of the Storm. This is the fifth album for Divinefire and not being as familiar with this material as with Christian Liljegren's other projects, I was intrigued.

Divinefire is epic symphonic metal with a decided neo classical edge. The production is there as is the performances, but for me the songs are just not engaging. I’m not left with a memorable melody or hook that just sticks with me.

Some of the early Divinefire material I heard via YouTube video was very engaging and memorable. Yet Eye of the Storm assaults you and leaves me wondering what happened. It falls into the consciousness as one long song. Undoubtedly there will be many of you who’ll think I’ve lost my mind but hey. What else is new!

I’m sure many fans of the prior Divinefire material will dig Eye of the Storm. I’ll probably try to give it a spin in the future but right now this album is D.O.A. as far as I’m concerned….

I dig so many of the bands Christian has been part of Narnia, Golden Resurrection, Audio Vision that to just slag this off would be a crime. German Pascual provided a stellar vocal on the last Narnia album. However Eye of the Storm just falls flat.

So with much reflection I’ve given this album 5 axes.

5 axes


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