Saturday, April 2, 2011


Ricky Puckett of Broken Flesh did what all aspiring death metal vocalists do. He started his own record label!! Warclub Records is the name of the label and to top that off he releases a spectacular compilation of intense heavy metal. The material here definitely comes from the death metal end of the spectrum, but there are also a few surprises thrown in.

Quite honestly to see the line up here over 17 tracks is phenomenal. The majority of the artists presented here were rather obscure and unknown to me, but after several listens I’m more than intrigued with more than a few of the artists here.

A Hill to Die Upon starts things off with a brand new track entitled The Chant of the Mighty Offspring. Pure musical genius and anyone who was fan of their debut album on Bombworks won’t be disappointed here. Grave Robber also makes an appearance with Lion of Judah off their latest release Exhumed. Metallic punk at its finest.

Several bands that got my attention immediately were Your Chance to Die (death metal), Fearscape (black metal), and Nomadic (death metal) who gets the awards for the most dominant guitar sound. Death Slave is the title of their contribution and it just demands to be played again.

Other highlights include Romero, and the offering by Benevolence; entitled Retribution they deliver the proverbial goods. Most of the bands here are shown at their best I believe as I really couldn’t find a weak track. Here’s a listing of the other artists on this album Broken Flesh (Puckett’s own band), Obliteration, Divulgence, Die to Yourself, The Synics Awakening, Christageddon, Corpse of Iniquity, White Funeral and The Beckoning.

Another artist that just grabbed me was symphonic metal act Whisper From Heaven. 7 minutes of angelic joy with a true bombastic soundtrack. Female operatic vocals that soar over the carnage beneath, this song was an immediate repe

It goes without saying that a lot of tracks are not of super high audio quality, however none of tracks fall into the “how’d they get on here????” category. This compilation is reminiscent in feel of a lot of the underground compilations that came out in the early 80’s. There is a lot of potential on this disc. There is also a lot of accomplishment here.

Don’t let The Killing Fields disc go by without picking up a copy. A great effort by all the artists and fine debut for Warclub Records.

8 axes

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