Friday, May 6, 2011


Fans of 90’s hard rock and metal should rejoice with this stellar reissue from Retroactive Records. Rex Carroll and The Bleed is solid 90’s grungy hard rock at its best. Not unlike Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains, Take Back a Life is an obscure album which has finally seen a new life.

This album was originally released as The Bleed with the title of Ouch!. Rex Carroll (Whitecross/King James) and Tim Bushong (Lovewar) collaborated and assembled an album that sounds nothing like either of their previous efforts. You won’t hear Rex ripping up the fretboard like a madman on this album.

There are quite a few catchy songs with solid melodies Love Over All; Me My Orb and Mine; Lies. The production is clean and tight which enhances the songs, nothing gets lost in a muddy mix, but it breathes and finds its place.

Make it clear that this album more in common with Pearl Jam than Whitecross. To emphasize that when the album was originally released Rex Carroll’s name wasn’t even attached to the album, lest someone think it was a new Whitecross product.

Devotes of the second King James album will find more to rejoice about here. Take Back a Life is a good album for those who enjoy the more positive elements of grunge.

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