Sunday, May 22, 2011


This album is full tilt driving rock n roll with a southern flair. Streetfighter is the title of this previously unreleased third album by Vision. Originally recorded in 1986 it hasn’t seen the light of day until now.

Born Twice Records who previously released their first two discs last year have come up with a tri fecta. This album has a bit more grit than its predecessors. This disc opens with a strong rocker in Stop the Killing and the rock doesn’t stop through I’m Gonna Live, Mighty One, Rock This Town, and the gritty title track. The 13 songs here crank and will have you wanting to take a long drive with the stereo up to full blast.

Yet there are some definite 80’s type moments, however those elements are more arranging take for example the AOR styling’s on I Know You or Break the Silence.

Rocco Marshall shows again why he knows how to pen strong songs and play a mean guitar. Billy Powell of Lynyrd Skynyrd lent his talents and his abilities which shine through out this album. The lines he adds to Rock this Town make it drive and scream.

The production element is a tad thin at times, but overall it’s very enjoyable. It's lyrically bold and uplifting without a lot of tired cliches.

Fans of Marshal Tucker, 38 Special and the like shouldn’t wait to grab this album. Streetfighter is infectious, and really leaves me wondering why it never saw the light of day earlier. This is a band that this reviewer wishes he could’ve seen live, I bet they’d tear it up. Don’t wait, get this album.

8 axes

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