Friday, June 24, 2011


Terraphobia’s EVILUTION is simply full on brutal death metal. Heavy guitars, guttural vocals and enough speed to give a bullet train a run for its money. Michael Jelenic of Mortification plays all the instruments and handles the vocal duties as well.

From the opening strands of the title track through album closer Phase 6 this album is relentless. If you were a fan of the first three Mortification albums then you’ll understand musically where this album is coming from. I hear tinges of Possessed and Morbid Angel. Jelenic’s guitar playing demands your attention and I will add he’s got the chops. It’s a wonder why he’s not mentioned in the more elite musicians of our scene.

Hooks are not necessarily the aim of a good death metal album, but melodies should be. There are several here that really stand out. Soldiers of the New Millennium, False Prophet come immediately to mind. However with a track like Golgotha, that’s probably not the main point, charging like chainsaw through a wheat field this song is a killer.

The production elements are strong and powerful. A nice thick wall of sound greats the listener where everything is spaced well in the mix. Lyrically Jelenic tackles many different areas from the Crucifixion to abortion to politics, from a Christian point of view. Yet if I didn’t tell you that, you might miss it, which isn’t a bad thing.

Death Metal fans should line up in droves to grab this album. It’s that good, and you’ll play it loudly and proudly. A seven axe review should tell you what you want to know. A keeper this one is.

7 axes

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