Saturday, July 9, 2011


Omens delivers a stellar blackened death metal onslaught. A Hill to Die Upon has offered another precious slab of musical brutality and has simply outdone themselves this time. Omens defines and establishes even more of the Hill sound.

Their now trademark guitar styling’s, shine bright and clear with plenty of attack and power without loosing their definition. It locks in with the towering rhythm section and lifts this sonic assault to new heights.

The Titans (Adam & Michael) take the best of those who’ve gone before them; elements of Immortal, Dimmu Borgir and perhaps even Behemoth throw ‘em in a blender with much passionate intensity and original thought, the final outcome is Omens.

Melodies with strength combined with overwhelming riffs with results such as The Perfection of Evil, Darkness That can be Felt or I Come as Black Fire. Ancient Enemy of Death is haunting and telling. Demonstrating their ability to create art while threatening to go off the rails and explode at any moment. Without a doubt Rex Carroll, who is credited as the studio engineer, offered wise input.

The production is stellar with plenty of space and atmosphere. It feels as though you could get lost in it, a dark cave with many catacombs that lead all to the same place but you might not know it at first. With biting crisp tonalities that add to the musical palette.

Along with Terraphobia’s Evilution, A Hill to Die Upon’s Omens charts another course of extreme metal excellence. One element I preferred on the previous AHTDU release is the artwork. But once you put the disc in the player and start the windmill action that really doesn’t matter does it?

A hearty 8 axe review from this corner, what are you waiting for? Show your support and grab your copy today from your favorite online retailer.

8 axes

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The latest offering from Swedish rockers Jerusalem is entitled simply, SHE. A reference to the Whore of Babylon as mentioned in the Revelation to St. John. This album is their first studio record since their 1998 release R.A.D. (rock against the devil).

Ever since the Prophet LP in the mid 1990’s Jerusalem sort of shed their 70’s rock roots and went for a more ‘modern’ rock sound ala U2. Some fans have liked it and some wished they’d head back to their earlier sound. Well it seems with SHE there is a mishmash of both.

There are many musical elements that shine of that U2 styled sound. Whether it’s “Save My Life” or “I was to Leave her,” the influence of Bono and company is there. However, those songs are on one side of the pendulum. You see this pendulum also swings back toward a more traditional rock sound with such tracks as “The Greatest Party” or the anthemic “Come On.”

The guitar is the primary instrument on this release. You won’t find much in way of keyboards. The six string axe leads this musical attack, with some strong influence from The Edge. Ulf has the guitar mixed right at the edge of the musical envelope.

Ulf shows he can still belt it out; his vocal performance is solid and commanding. Lyrically the message of redemption and hope shines brightly and boldly for all to hear. Which these days are rather refreshing, as most artists with a Christian point of view are too busy covering their tracks.

She is a solid rock album which should please the fan base and garner new listeners. Whether fans view it as a return to musical form is yet to be seen. That is something that can only happen with time.

7 axes