Sunday, August 14, 2011


Hguols are back with another musical adventure into the macabre. This release entitled Depiction Under the Obscure Delusion picks up where their previous releases left off, a palette of instrumental black metal through the use of a MIDI and other computerized devices.

The use of a MIDI might seem a bit odd but for the sound Hguols is shooting for, it fits their purposes just fine. This particular album moves through various moods and templates of tempo and style. Much of what has been heard on previous releases is found here. The tag line for Hguols has been THE bombastic black metal soundtrack, and that seems to fit the bill this time out as well.

However with only five tracks on this release, it lends itself to having much longer songs. Four out off the five clock in at over eight minutes. There were several times I wondered if I had missed the beginning of the next song. The melodies I found were a bit harder to follow due to the length of the tracks, and with that my attention span wandered.

This time it also seemed that the drums were mixed with so reverb that they got a bit lost in the over musical tapestry. I knew they were there, but they lacked definition and it seemed at times with so much reverb they overpowered other elements of the music.

Medieval organ, harpsichord, and choir type orchestrations provide a moody 1-2 punch throughout. My favorite track was the haunting The Inexorable Interlude, I often wondered if it could be used as soundtrack music to the 1922 German film classic Nosferatu.

If you enjoyed Hguols previous releases no doubt you’ll enjoy this one as well. It just left me a little flat this time out.

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